new look, new name

Welcome to our new blog. 
The posts are the same, but the name and look are brand spanking new. With Chris and I getting married in 37 days (who's counting?) I thought the blog needed to be refreshed for our new family.  

I came up with the name "Blended With Love." I thought this was appropriate because we are a blended family. Being a blended family doesn't have to be a bad thing. We are blended with oodles of love for each other. We are a family that leans on each other through the hard times, laugh with one another, wipe each other's tears, and sing praises of joy because God blessed us with each other.

This next session in our lives is going to be amazing and the four of us are jumping with excitement! The boys are excited to call each other brothers and I can see God's hand in creating a special bond between the two. It's heartwarming.
We give glory to God in the highest because we are thankful for you all and your encouragement as we experience this new chapter.


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  1. Just wondering if you did your blog design or got someone to do it for you?
    Mine is needing a little help I think! and yours looks amazing!


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