4 years of bliss

Where in the world has the time gone buddy? Mommy is still supposed to be 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and expecting your arrival any day; however, you have somehow managed to grow up way too fast and turn 4 years old today.

Time is moving by entirely too fast and I wish I could slow down the hands of time, but these last 4 years with you have been incredible. Mommy never knew what love was until I looked at your sweet face. You and I have a special bond that will never go away. Ever.

We've gone through all sorts of craziness in your short little life, but man have we had a blast. 
You have the best sense of humor and laugh and you remind me what life is really all about. 

I'm so proud of how far you've come. I know struggling with your speech has not been easy for you buddy, but you have taken the challenge and have amazed us all with your hard work. I love your sweet little voice and our conversations. You have so much to tell and your little brain is like a sponge soaking in the world.

 You have the sweetest little heart and your zest for life inspires me daily.
I love when you want to cuddle and allow me to rock you to sleep. No matter how big you get mommy will always treasure those moments. Every time I rock you to sleep, hear your sweet voice,  or see that precious smile on your face I'm reminded of what a miracle you are. 

I could not be more proud to call you my son and to have the opportunity to be your mommy. It's a gift I will treasure all my life!

Happy 4th Birthday Avery Lawrence.

I love you always,

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