what it is to be a mother

I hope all of you mama’s out there had a fantastic Mother's Day. This past Mother's Day, I woke up with a different attitude than I had had in the past. I didn't wake up thinking, "oh it's just another day." I truly absorbed my day with my family and most importantly my kids. It took me a long time to fully grasp what it means to be a mama. No one has the right to be a mother. Being a mother is a gift, a privilege, and an honor.

A Gift 
When I found out I was going to be a mom, I was terrified. How could God possibly think I could raise a baby? Geez, I could barely pay my own bills and I only had $72.43 to my name. However, as soon as I listened to that precious heart beat going lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub I knew this sweet child was a gift. God gave me Avery to make me a better person, to bring joy into my life, and to bring light into my world when the days seemed oh so dark.

Two and a half years later, God brought me Trevor, a thriving 6 (now almost 8) year old who has brought even more joy to my life. To watch my boys grow and bond together warms my heart like nothing else possible. Never did I imagine this life and never did I think this would be my life, but God knew. God planned this all just for me and I wouldn't trade a single second of it.

A Privilege 
It saddens my heart to think about the precious woman out there who yearn for a baby and who have lost their babies. I didn't fully understand what a privilege it really was to be a mom until I lost a baby myself. Eight sweet weeks in my womb was not near enough time for me and my sweet angel. It was that day that I realized how privileged I was to have carried Avery for 9 months and to have him here and thriving. Yes, there are so many days I get frustrated and want to have a pity party because of the tantrums, the messes, and the disobedience, but at the end of the day, as long and stressful as it can be, I thank God for the privilege to be a mother.

An Honor 
I am reminded often that our children aren't really our children. They are God's children and God allows us to raise them and he entrust us to mold these sweet babies into Godly children. It's an honor to be a mother. It's an honor that God chose me to mold and shape two, sweet, boys into men of character and dignity. It's an honor to have been given this amazing gift of motherhood and it's a privilege to be not just a mother, but Trevor and Avery's mom; two little boys who God handpicked for my life.

 I love you boys very much and I thank you both for the joy you bring to me every day!


  1. So sweet, made me cry. You are a wonderful mom!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Cristin! Just precious! Your three babies are sure blessed to have you as their Mama! Xoxo


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