conversations with Avery {vol. 1}

Avery: Mama, I want Sana 'Tause bring me a vacuum.
Me: Why is that baby?
Avery: I help mama 'tean
Me: You're so sweet.
Avery: I 'tood boy.

Avery:Mama, it 'taining outside.
Me: Yes, it's raining.
Avery: Can't ride trac-trac.
Me: Why is that?
Avery: It get 'tuck.

Avery: Mama, that truck hurt 'dat car?
Me: Yeah, that truck and car had a wreck.
Avery: Po'ice gone get 'dat truck?
Me: Police will come help that truck and car.
Avery: Po'ice gonna take that truck to jail?
Me: No, he didn't mean to hit that car.

Avery: Mama I wear my hat today. I 'de Po-Po. (Referring to his police hat.)
Me: Oh my, mama better be good.
Avery: Mama bad, hers go to jail.
Me: Oh no. Who's gonna take care of Avery?
Avery: No, mama 'tood.

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