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I'm a diet coke-a-holic. I admit it. There's no shame in my game, but there is shame in the fact I still have extra weight from when I had a baby, ahem, three years ago. I've lost 25 pounds, but let's get real folk, it's time for the rest of this weight to go! I'm ready to be back in my skinny jeans and I'm not talking about the cute skinny jeans they sell at Old Navy.

So I tried eliminating all soda last week...that worked out not so well. So I'm using you, my readers, as my accountability partners. I need encouragement. This is crazy talk in my world, you know, me without soda!

So you guys with me? Anyone else want to join in and say bye-bye to soda and hello to water?

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  1. Congrats on the 25lbs you have lost!!! I am a DC addict too...I hook up to my DC IV every morning at work. I am working on eliminating soft drinks out of my life too.


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