The Hole in My Sidewalk

With all the shenanigans life throws our way, it’s almost impossible not to throw ourselves a big ole' fancy pity party, right? I certainly have had my fair share of opportunities to sulk in my self misery. I mean come on, I flunked out of college, got pregnant out-of-wedlock, got divorced. Shouldn’t I, out of anyone, have a reason to moan and groan about how bad life stinks? It certainly would seem that way, but in reality, what makes my trials worthy of such mercy? In living our lives, we are ultimately the pilot to our own destiny. Sure things can go wrong that we have no control over, but in the end our response to situations determine which paths we end up on.

In the recent passing of my granddaddy, I had the opportunity to spend time with lots of family that I rarely see. One in particular being my cousin Charlie, who is a social worker. Quite an interesting cousin I have there, that Charlie. Nonetheless, Charlie and I stayed up the night after my granddaddy’s funeral reminiscing. We were talking about the family secrets that no one is supposed to really know about and how crazy it is that so many people bury secrets within themselves. As my cousin and I continued our conversation, I thought about my life. I could have pretended I was perfect and never tell the truth of my chaotic life. But who would that have benefited? First off, secrets can tear you down mentally and physically. Secondly, my hardships are part of who I am. Lastly, I have a story to tell. A story of misfortunes, faith, and courage. If my story can help just one person better themselves, then it’s a story worth telling.

Cousin Charlie showed me a story called There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk. It’s an autobiography that only has five short chapters. It sums up how we tend to blame others for our mishaps and then as we grow, we figure out who at the end of the day is accountable.

Chapter One
I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost .... I am helpless. It isn't my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter Two

I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend that I don't see it. I fall in again. I can't believe I am in this same place. But, it isn't my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter Three
I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there. I still fall in ... it's a habit ... but, my eyes are open. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out immediately.

Chapter Four

I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter Five

I walk down another street.

So my question and challenge for you today is: What chapter are you on and what chapter would you like to reach?

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