It's No Secret...

...that I love taking pictures. When you have a cute little love muffin to take pictures of, how could you not want to take a million pictures. I love capturing Avery doing whatever. With him being a very busy two year old, I've given up on trying to get the perfect shot while snapping pictures, but focusing more on getting Avery in "action." I like this approach much better for the simple fact I want to remember what he did at two years old, not how well he sat and smiled. He's adventurous, wild, lovable, fun, carefree, and I want to remember every bit of it.

Avery makes my days so much better. No matter my day, Avery telling me, "I lud-j-u mama" can make me weak at the knees and my heart melt to the floor. When they say there's a special bond between a mother and a son, they weren't kidding. This kiddo and I are bonded for life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Love this. You are so talented! Teach me your ways :)


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