Do you have memories of your childhood that just make you smile?
I know I sure do.
With the upcoming holidays I know it can be difficult for many families.
The holiday season often makes us think about our loved ones who are no longer with us.
I know it’s hard for me and my family as we approach our second Christmas without my Nanny and Pop.
I miss my Grandmama too.
Although we weren't close and for most of my life she lived far away, I still wonder what the holidays would be like if she were still here.
This morning, I logged onto Facebook and saw a picture of my cousin driving my Pop's old truck.
It  brought me back to the days of spending the day over at my Nanny and Pop's house.
They spoiled me rotten.
Back then there wasn't trash pickup and you still had to haul your trash off to the dump.
Back then there wasn't much traffic on their road either.
I remember getting so excited about going to haul off trash because Pop would let me sit in his lab and drive the old dodge truck down the road to the dump.
When we would get back to the house he would let me drive around the yard.
Over and over again.
When I got tired of that, he would get the lawn mower out and we would ride it.
Round and round the house we'd go.
I miss those days.
I miss the simplicity of life back then.
I miss those little things my Nanny and Pop would do for me that made me feel so special.
I miss the two of them like crazy.
I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior because he gives of eternal life.
I am thankful for eternal life, because I know I'll get to see my Nanny and Pop again one day!

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