Irrational Emotions?

As I nonchalantly mentioned in a previous post, my marriage ended. Without going into personal detail, there was physical and verbal abuse involved and for mine and Avery's safety we needed to get away. With that being said, I'm on a road in my life I never thought I'd be on. At first, when we moved out, I felt relief. I felt brave and strong. I truly felt eager to move forward. That was three months ago. 

Today, I feel less than eager to move forward. I feel sad, unaccomplished, worthless, helpless, and the list can go on forever. I truly do not know what changed. How did I go from feeling like I was on the tallest mountain to the lowest valley? It is not a matter that I miss the situation that I was in, because I certainly don't want Avery or myself in harm's way, but I've never felt so lonely. It's a miserable feeling. 

The other day I decided I needed a little encouraging words. I had heard about this book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay. After looking a many books at Barnes and Nobel I decided to buy this book. The reviews are wonderful and I'm excited about reading it.

If any of you have ever gone through a divorce, do you think I'm having irrational emotions, or is this normal? I would certainly be grateful for any input you have.

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