I feel like I've been neglecting my blog. I probably feel this way, well, because I have. Not on purpose though; I've just been busy, busy, busy.

Avery and I are in the process of moving. Yes, moving. Not a situation I'm going to talk about here, but for those who personally know me, you know this has been a very difficult time.

Since I've been moving, I've also been going through all my stuff. When I say all my stuff, I mean, ALL.MY.STUFF. It's crazy how much you hang on to. I used to be on the verge of hoarding a lot of stuff, then I finally realized there is no point! So bags and bags of stuff are being packed up and ready to go sell at the local flea market.

I also started Jazzercise. WOW! What an amazing way to exercise. I feel so much better the days I go. Every instructor I've had has been amazing. The upbeat environment, encouragement, and the overall attitude of everyone there simply amazes me! I've never looked forward to exercise, until now!

I'm also selling Thirty-One. I have a party next week and two in October. I love selling Thirty-One. It's so easy to sell; the products sell themselves. It is still taking me time to get used to all the ends and outs of this company, but now, I've gotten most everything organized and am ready to crank this business up!

School starts back soon. Whew, there goes all my free time; not that I had any free time before. I'm excited to start this quarter and get back in the swing of things. I feel like I've been in school forever. Please keep me in your prayers this quarter.

Avery and I, aside from being super busy, are doing well. We have so much fun together, as mother and son. I think this two year old is the funniest person I know. He is always up to something and is always making my days interesting!

I promise to have pictures up soon.

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