Why Do I Blog?

Blogging. So many ask me what a “blog” is, others ask me why I blog. I thought I would enlighten all of you curious readers out there on what it is for me.

A blog is an online journal. You can post specific things, or like me you can post randomly what’s on your mind.

Blogging allows me to be free with my expressions. I am not shy when it comes to emotion and I do not mind being intensely forward in my entries. I always lived by the motto, “if you got something to say, say it.” I like blogging better than writing in a journal because I like feedback. Sometimes it’s good to hear how others view what you have to say. I take a lot of from what my blog readers say and I value their opinions whether I agree with them or not.
As emotional of a person that I am, I hold a lot in too. Blogging has allowed me to express what I hold in. It has given me a chance to break the silence of the stuff I hold in, to which I can say what I have to say and get it out. My depression has gotten better since I began blogging and the support of my readers really has helped me so much. I also like the fact that I have a way to keep up with our life. I love to go back and read what I wrote this time last year, to see what Avery was doing. It’s an amazing way to keep up with life. It’s just simply wonderful.

So why don’t you join in on the experience?