Is it really October?

Avery is walking now. Can I get a WHOOP-WHOOP or some days can I get an “UT-OH”. Mr. Independent has recently made in known that he is too cool to ride in his stroller now. At the mall last night he was everywhere. He wouldn’t ride and didn’t want to be carried. Needless to say, Andrew and I left the mall worn out! I will admit though, as frustrating as it can be when they find their “independence”; they are still so stinkin’ cute! AHEM! Now when he wants something he follows me around with his hand out or when he has something he doesn’t want anymore he follows me around and does the “UH-UH” noise to get my attention so he can hand the item over. Bless him!

I just can’t believe how fast they grow up!

One minute you have this:
And the next you have this:

Crazy! Times goes by too fast!

Anyway, everything else is going good on the home front. I just started a new quarter at school. I’m taking College Algebra, for the second time, so we shall see if it gets easier each time you take it. I’m also in Human Growth and Development. It seems like it will be quite an interesting class.

Hope you all are doing well!