Hello, again, world!

2 blog posts in a weeks time. This might be a record.

It would seem by the lack of blog posts that our little family has fallen off the face of the planet.  I won't lie, sometimes I wonder if I have too.  Life gets BUSY.  I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that, you're all living busy lives too.

Anyway, we're alive and functioning. As a mom, I sometimes wonder when DFACS is going to roll up because I'm the mom pulling up at the school on two wheels, wearing Christmas PJ's and rain boots, with no bra.  Yes'em, true story.  In fact, I wear my rain boots often with my PJ's in the car rider line. But, the kid makes it to school and that's all that matters, right?

Avery had his tonsils and adneoids removed and his lingual frenulum cut a little over a week ago. The little guy was pitiful!  Between an ER visit for him getting too dehydrated from not being able to drink anything, to me having finals and trying to work, to my Christmas rush at my shop, to Avery ending up with a nasty croupy cough and on steroids and breathing treatments, I may or may not have wondered if I was going to have to check myself into the pshyc ward.  But, we made it.  Little dude is on the mend, and everything else is working itself out. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that our Christmas tree died after only having it a week. True story.)

Trevor is still rocking 6th grade and has taken up playing the trumpet.  He's actually doing well with it.  We still make him practice outside though (just kidding, maybe).  He and Chris are gearing up for the new Star Wars movie this weekend, I'm sure that'll be a hit for them, and a night alone at home for me (not complaining)!

I'm hoping this week brings a bit more stability and sleep.  Maybe I'll make it through the car rider line in 'real' clothes this week....probably not, but anything could happen in this family!

Peace & Love to you all!

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