I, for one, am glad school is out for the kiddos.  We are almost finished with our first week at summer camp, and the boys have had an absolute blast.  I mean, what kid wouldn't love playing with tons of kids, swimming, field trips, and loads of other fun every day?  Where can I sign up for grown-up summer camp? 

Our summer schedule is set, and we're nothing short of busy this summer.  We are tickled to get to have a lot more time with Trevor over the summer, and it has been so great living as a family of 4 this week.  We love having our family all together, and Avery and Trevor play together and bond amazingly.

In a few weeks, we head off to our first trip of the summer-- Ohio.  We are going to a huge family reunion for Chris' mom's side of the family.  This will be Trevor and Avery's first jet plane ride.  Trevor is quite nervous and Avery repeatedly asks is today the day that we go. 

{If any of you have any tips for flying with youngsters, please feel free to comment!!!}

In other news, we had a great end-of-the school year.  Avery finished out baseball, his first horse show, and graduated Pre-K.  Trevor finished his school year out with lots of awards and earning his next belt in Taekwondo!  We are so proud of our two boys and how hard they worked this year. I can't believe we'll have a 5th grader and a kindergartener!  How did this happen?

When we've had some free time, we've been taking family outings out into our community.  We've gone to two Georgia baseball games and we also attended the Georgia spring football game.  The boys love going on campus and have really taken an interest in sports and our community.  As sports fans ourselves, Chris and I have enjoyed showing the boys the stadiums and campus. 

I'll leave you with a few pictures to highlight what we've been up to:

{first baseball season}

 {first horse show-6th place}

 {GA baseball game}

{GA spring game}

 {pre-k graduate}

{awards in grades, attendance, conduct, and academic bowl}

{schools out dance party 2014}

{excited for summer camp}

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