questions {from a 4 year old}

Honestly, I never realized how much young children ponder and analyze things until here recently. Yes, I had mystery questions in my head as a young child, but I really don't remember asking them-I'm sure my mother does though. The world seems so complex as an adult, and yet we know more than 4 year olds.

Some of the questions Avery has asked lately seem so simple, but in his little mind are huge. It doesn't stop at "how does the sun rise" or "how do you make orange," nope, this little guys brain is working overtime!

Recent questions:

{Avery}"How do I get to Heaven?"
     {Me}"Darling, you fly up with Jesus."

{Avery} "Is mommy going to Heaven with me?"
     {Me}"Well, mommy will probably already be there."

{Avery} "Why can't I hear Jesus talk to me?"
     {Me}"Jesus has magic ears, he can only hear you."

{Avery} "How did I get in mommy's belly?"
     {Me}"God put you in there with his super cool magic."

{Avery} "Why did they cut me out of mommy's belly? {Followed by, "Why didn't I come out between your legs?"}
     {Me}"Because you were a special BIG baby!"

{Avery} "When am I going to die/Heaven?"
     {Me}"When Jesus invites you to come live at his house, but it will be a long, long, long time."

There have been a lot more questions, but of course I can't remember them all. I answer them the best I can and sometimes I have to get quite creative. I don't want Avery to have fear of the unknown, and I don't want him to fear Heaven or Jesus. Keep in mind that last year he had a classmate die tragically and he still asked questions about her. He knows not just old people go to Heaven and if I explain that his classmate was sick, he thinks anytime he gets sick he's going to Heaven too. I try my best to answer every question in a very simplistic way, but geeesh, where is the manual on this one?

Do any of you have advice on this one?

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  1. It's tough at the top Pumpkin. And there is still no manual. Love Daddy


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