santa clause {questions of a 3 year old}

 Here is my conversation with Avery this morning.

Avery: "Mommy, where Sana T'ause wive at?"
Me: "Buddy, he lives far, far, away."
Avery: "Mommy, we go Sana T'ause nome?"
Me: "No buddy, we can't go to Santa's home. It's too far away."
Avery: "Mommy, where Sana T'ause mommy at?"
Me: "She lives at Santa's house."
Avery: "Mommy, where Sana T'ause daddy at?"
Me: "He lives with Santa too buddy."
Avery: "Mommy, Sana T'ause at wook?"
Me: "Yes angel, he's at work."
Avery: "Mommy, Sana T'ause make me trac-trac and tains?"
Me: "If your a good boy, Santa will bring you tractors and trains."
Avery: "Mommy, Sana T'ause watch me?"
Me: "He sure does buddy. That's why you have to mind mommy."
Avery: "I tood mama!"
Me: "Yes, you can be a good boy."
Avery: "Mommy, Sana T'ause go night-night?"
Me: "Yes, Santa goes night-night?"
Avery: "Mommy, where Sana T'ause nome at?"
Me: "It's at the North Pole buddy. Far, far away."
Avery: "Mommy, we go Sana T'ause nome?"
Me: "No bud, we aren't allowed to see Santa make the presents."
Avery: "Sana T'ause come to my nome?"
Me: "If you're a good boy, Santa will come see you."
Avery: "I tood."


  1. This made me smile and cry at the same time...sweet Avery.


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