...keeps moving on.

Avery turned 3 years old last week. (Time just seems to have flown by. I still don't understand how my itty-bitty baby is now 3. ) We went to Your Pie and ate pizza and got ice cream on his actual birthday and then we had a big party last Saturday. I'm pretty certain he had a blast as he was worn slap out for the next day or so.

Avery continues to go to speech therapy 2 times a week. His SLP is very impressed with his progress, as am I. I still have the daily struggle of trying to figure out a lot of what he's saying, but any progress is great!
I've gotten all of his paperwork into the school system and am now anxiously awaiting to hear back so I can set up his evaluation. I feel like the process is taking forever, but hopefully now that his paperwork is in things will speed up. I've briefly talked to him about going to school and he's super excited. Every school we pass by he asks if that "his 'tool." Precious!

Besides the speech issue, I'm currently struggling to get Avery to sleep through the night again. I've read numerous articles on how to handle this situation and hopefully with some adjustments we will be on the right track soon. (A mother can hope, right?)

As for me, I start school back Monday. I'm so close to applying into the nursing program, I feel like I can finally see the light! I'm really nervous about it, as it's an extremely competitive program. I am trying to stay positive and focused, so hopefully things will work out well.

I hope everyone is doing well and I'll catch up with ya' again soon!

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