What a great weekend we had! Friday night the whole family went out to eat at Outback! MMM fattening YUMMY! Avery got a car this weekend. Oh how he loves to ride in it. He screams doesn’t like to have to get out of his car. Avery loved the fireworks, although he was more interested in being pushed around in his car. Today, Sunday, Avery’s grandparents and great grandma (on his dad’s side) came to visit him. He played and played and played. Finally he couldn’t fight it anymore and he is now sawing logs sleeping so peacefully in his bed.
Oh how we love summer time. The garden is growing and we’re eating yummy homegrown foods and this week we are packing for the beach. We are leaving out Friday night! WHOO-HOO. I can’t wait!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Here are a few pics from last weekend and this weekend.